Health care providers and personal trainers have been using FAT-Tools for years to help loosen sore muscles, now you can too! The FAT-Stick features the same patented textured surface as our other tools; this textured surface along with the multiple treatment edges in an easy to use tool is the key to releasing your tight muscles. Training videos and a user manual are provided to make sure you get the most out of your tool.

The FAT-Stick comes with 1oz of warming balm, 1oz of soothing balm, a case, user manual, and training videos.

Personal Stick FAT-Stick

  • 1 - Personal Stick FAT-Stick
    1 - 1 oz. Warming Balm (sample size)
    1 - 1 oz. Soothing Balm (sample size)
    1 - Protective FAT-Tool Zip-up Case