Andrew Miller - Has table, will travel, will heal

21 May 2005

Air travel is exhausting and stressing.  The weight of a protective hard skin suitcase, let alone its intended contents tends to weigh more than the standard 20 ?25kg baggage allowance. Then there is the usual clenched teeth check-in discussion where the traveler tries to convince a harassed member of the.....


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When was struggling to be fit for a 30 minute run with Ethiopian distance running legend Haile Gebrselassie in CaliforniA, there was only one man who could save the day - leading massage therapist Andy Miller......


when met Andy Miller Meets Andy Miller

Autumn 2008 

On the eve of the London Grand Prix at Crystal Place, the lobby of the Croydon Park Hotel is teeming with some of the world's leading international athletes.  They are milling around, lugging their bags and equipment, checking in or waiting for the lift.  Sitting quietly on a sofa in the middle of the chaos, unbothered by the autograph hunters, is a man who has amassed 61 meadals over the last three World Championships and the 2004 Olympics......


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