The Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool mobilizes soft tissues without causing damage or bruising.

Developed by Dr. Mark Scappaticci, the revolutionary design of the FAT-Tool features multiple treatment edges and profiles in an all-in-one, tool.  In addition, fascial tension release is enhanced with the unique, patented textured surface, which allows for superior grip of the fascia with less direct pressure required.

The Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool is much different than the many assisted soft tissue mobilization tools on the market. Unlike tools such as Graston, ASYM, IASTYM, SASTM, and the Fibroblaster that have a smooth surface, the  FAT-Tool has a patented textured surface that allows for maximal tissue tension release without excessive pressure and without bruising.


A unique, professional set of FAT-Tools including a large and smaller tool has been specially designed with the health care provider in mind to help with the management of a variety of difficult to treat soft tissue conditions.


A specially designed FAT-Tool Sports Model for personal trainers and coaches is available to assist in mobilizing tight fascia and help improve motor function.  To obtain a FAT-Tool Sports Model and to learn how to properly and effectively use the tool, personal trainers and coaches are required to enroll in a special FAT-Tool workshop offered through the Poliquin Institute, a world leader in education for personal trainers and coaches. This required course ensures that you will be able to develop skills and confidence in effective use of the tool.